Japan Entry has extensive contacts at carriers and providers active in the mobile arena, thanks to successful work for DudaMobile, Jumptap, Skype, Vlingo, and others.


Corrigo (Aligo)

Aligo’s applications range from mobile email to field force automation, empowering wireless workforces by ensuring continuous accessibility to their company’s business infrastructure. Negotiated and closed partnerships with KCS, NTI (a joint venture between Itochu and NTT), OpenTech on top of deals with Fuji Electric and TechMatrix. Generated $1.6M in total prepayments. Recruited Country Manager and SE.



Metalink is a provider of DSL and wireless broadband chipsets. Japan Recruit recruited a Country Manager who was previously the top sales person at a competitor’s subsidiary.



mFormation is an OTA software provider. Hired a Country Manager with strong solution sales, evangelistic marketing, applications, and P&L management skills. Previously, he doubled sales in two years at Cobalt and was the Director of Business Development at the Netscape Japan start-up.



Myriad Group (Esmertec)

Esmertec is an embedded middleware provider. Hired former sales manager at WindRiver who achieved 25% of WindRiver’s sales in the automotive arena. He began his career at Omron in software and prototype hardware R&D.



Nuance (Voice Signal)

VoiceSignal Technologies develops speech recognition for embedding into mobile devices. Japan Entry recruited the former Country Manager of ScanSoft, a speech recognition industry veteran.



Realeyes3D S.A, based near Paris, France, is the developer of cameraphone image processing technology that enables mobile scanning of drawings and text. Applications for this technology include mobile messaging, gaming, and personal productivity. Hired a leading technical manager who had managed 20 people in Toshiba’s cellphone group as Project Director from a top embedded software vendor.


Red Bend (Virtual Logix)

Virtual Logix provides Linux on DSPs and multi-core chips. Hired the start-up manager from Lantronix Japan, who built OEM relationships with Fujitsu, IBM, HP. He combines aggressive sales capabilities with strategic skills.

“I am a fan of your company and its people.” - Peter Richards, CEO

Virtual Logix

Synchronoss (fusionOne)

fusionOne is the developer of Internet Sync software and services. Recruited former president of BMC Software Japan who had achieved 15% of worldwide sales at Boole & Babbage.