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Japan Entry has extensive contacts at carriers and providers active in the Internet arena, thanks to successful work for, ATG, Brighttag, Brightcove, hybris, Vlingo, and others.



Backweb Technologies provides “push” software distribution solutions. Identified and negotiated six multiple non-exclusive distribution partnerships, including Kanematsu, Canon Sales, two NTT subsidiaries, Kawasaki Steel, and a financial services IT subsidiary. Generated nearly $1M in prepayments. Identified and negotiated seven licenses for beta software customers. Set up three marketing seminars to train and present BackWeb technology to 120 key companies. Selected and established working relationship with leading Japanese public relations agency. Recruited Japan Country Manager and helped establish BackWeb office in Japan.

“Jack Plimpton and Ken Sumitani proved extremely capable of not only assimilating our product and market strategy, but applying their experience and expertise to the execution of our business plan in Japan.” - Nir Barkat, Chairman BRM Group



hybris delivers a multi-channel B2B eCommerce solution. Identified and signed multiple non-exclusive resellers. Hired GM from a direct competitor. Hired SE.

“I want to thank you very much for the perfectly planned project and the great partner candidates I was able to meet with you! You did a wonderful job and deserve a huge salary increase! I believe the timing is perfect for hybris in Japan! It is up to us to make this happen. The partners seem all VERY eager to build a business with hybris.” - Ariel F. Luedi, CEO

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LivePerson provides a customer engagement platform that enables eCommerce call centers to connect in real-time with their customers via chat, voice, and content delivery to web browsers and mobile phones. Identified and closed major reseller partnerships with leading companies in the eCommerce hosting, web marketing, and call center industries.

“I want to pass along my appreciation for the work that your team did with us this week. Because our value proposition is hard to categorize, and is especially disruptive for the Japanese market, we were challenged at times in communicating our message. We improved throughout the week and your staff was key in helping us understand how we might do better by giving really insightful answers to questions about business and personal culture and protocol, and proactively advising when necessary to protect us from ourselves. Also, my VP and I have very different communication/presentation styles and the team was very good at managing the two of us to our benefit in a variety of circumstances.”

- Dustin Dean, Regional Director APAC

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Microsoft (FAST Search)

Fast Search is an enterprise search engine developer. Japan Entry recruited the Country Manager, who previously served as CM of PeopleSoft Japan where he closed Toyota. He had experience as the #2 executive at Price-Waterhouse Japan, and was a key member of the president’s office of IBM Japan.


Fast Search

Mobile Content Networks (Sentius)

Mobile Content Networks (Sentius) is a developer of text linking technology. Hired Country Manager.


ModusLink (Engage)

Engage is a developer of online marketing solutions. Japan Entry generated a $10M investment from Sumitomo Corporation in Engage’s parent company, CMGI and negotiated a $3M joint venture to localize and sell Engage’s services and products in Japan. Hired Country Manager. Served on Engage Japan board of directors.



ModusLink Global Solutions (CMGI)

CMGI is an Internet investments and holding company. Raised $10M investment from Sumitomo. In separate transaction, set up $3M JV with CMGI subsidiary Engage Technologies.


Oracle (ATG)

ATG (Art Technology Group) is an e-Commerce software solution provider. Signed exclusive distributor, and created demand at Matsushita.


Oracle (Calico)

Calico develops quotation generation software for online commerce. Recruited five system integrators to sell and service Calico’s ecommerce solutions. Hired Country Manager, who formerly served as Country Manager of Tibco, where he grew the company to 50 people and established reseller relationships with Nippon Steel, Hitachi, Toshiba, Canon, and Matsushita.


Oracle (Fatwire/Open Market)

Oracle provides eCommerce transaction processing software. Japan Entry identified and negotiated 5 non-exclusive distribution partnerships with Mitsui, Kanematsu, KomatsuSoft, Mitsubishi Electric Information Network, and TIS which included $2M in prepayments. In addition, as part of the demand creation program, Japan Entry sold $500K of software directly to the Internet division of NTT. Japan Entry also recruited a Japan Country Manager.

“I am happy to recommend Japan Entry’s services. Open Market’s success in Japan has been significantly enhanced by the efforts of Japan Entry.” - Greg Pope, VP International Sales “We could not have concluded our multi-million dollar arrangement with NTT without the help of Japan Entry. They coached us on little things, like the middle of the table is reserved for superiors, the seat nearest the door is lowest on the totem pole. Our deal moved smoothly because they had arranged the match and presold the customer.” - Paul J. Esdale, VP Strategic Alliances

Open Market