Embedded Software

Japan Entry has extensive contacts at OEM’s and systems houses active in the embedded software arena, thanks to successful work for Hillcrest, Nuance, Vision Objects, WindRiver and others.

Aricent (Flextronics Software)

Flextronics (now part of Aricent) is a telecommunications offshore development company. Hired a heavy-hitter sales executive who was the #2 executive at WebMethods. Prior to that he did a turnaround for Retek, building it to $6M with 8 employees. Previously, he launched Tibco Japan from scratch building it to $15M and hired/managed 40 people. He also had lead the Compaq KK turnaround effort to profitability.



Arxan provides anti-tampering solutions for applications and embedded code. Hired GM and SEs with a unique combination of domain expertise spanning embedded, entertainment, and IT applications.

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Broadsoft provides unified communications solutions for mobile, fixed-line and cable IP networks.
Recruited the #1 sales executive from NEC’s carrier business, who managed a 1,000-person subsidiary and is considered an industry star.

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IBM (i-Logix/Telelogic)

I-Logix, which was acquired by IBM after merging with Telelogic, provides UML tools for embedded systems design and debugging. Japan Entry identified, negotiated, and brought to conclusion partnerships with leading systems houses. Based on this success, Japan Entry also recruited a Country Manager who had been a top earner at Wind River Systems, and recruited a bilingual SE to augment i-Logix’s presence in Japan.

“Several years ago I was convinced that our existing distributor was not the right partner for us. Each year our executive staff that ran and supported Japan insisted that I was wrong. I must say that working with Japan Entry has been an enlightening experience for me. It went beyond you finding some potential resellers for us. What was most effective was the dialogue we had with these potential partners and especially with potential customers.” - Gene Robinson, CEO


Myriad Group (Esmertec)

Esmertec is an embedded middleware provider. Hired former sales manager at WindRiver who achieved 25% of WindRiver’s sales in the automotive arena. He began his career at Omron in software and prototype hardware R&D.


Myriad Group (Insignia)

Insignia (now part of Esmertec) is a provider of Java Virtual Machine technology. Negotiated agreement with Next Nets Corporation of Japan enabling Next Nets use of Insignia’s Jeode platform to implement its Windows CE-based mobile terminal system. Japan Entry succeeded in creating Insignia’s first ever sale and customer reference, helping to validate the technology. Japan Entry also hired Insignia Japan’s Country Manager, who after four successful years, became the Country Manager of Symbian Japan following Insignia’s acquisition by Esmertec.

“Japan Entry’s knowledge of the market and negotiating capabilities were the keys to establishing our first global relationship for Insignia’s Jeode platform. We are very pleased that this company was able to facilitate such an auspicious beginning for us.”

Marshall Kwait, Vice President Sales


Nagra (OpenTV/Spyglass)

Spyglass developed embedded browsers. Japan Entry recruited the company’s Country Manager.

Open TV

PNI Digital Media (Pixology)

PNI Digital Media (Pixology) develops embedded software for digital cameras.

Hired Country Manager who had been a top sales performer at EFI.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank Japan Entry for an extremely professional service that has been provided from start to finish.” - Simon Jessup, Int’l VP



Realeyes3D S.A, based near Paris, France, is the developer of cameraphone image processing technology that enables mobile scanning of drawings and text. Applications for this technology include mobile messaging, gaming, and personal productivity. Hired a leading technical manager who had managed 20 people in Toshiba’s cellphone group as Project Director from a top embedded software vendor.


Red Bend Software (Virtual Logix)

Virtual Logix provides Linux on DSPs and multi-core chips. Hired the start-up manager from Lantronix Japan, who built OEM relationships with Fujitsu, IBM, HP. He combines aggressive sales capabilities with strategic skills.

“I am a fan of your company and its people.” - Peter Richards, CEO

Virtual Logix


ThinFilm provides printable rewritable memory circuits. Recruited an industry veteran with extensive experience selling contactless security card systems.

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Wind River Systems is an embedded software provider. Hired former Nihon Sun Microsystems Board Director who was in charge of Japan Global Accounts. Accelerated growth from 14% of worldwide revenues to a target of 18% in one year.

“Japan Entry was able to identify the kind of top-tier candidate we need to spearhead our efforts in one of the most competitive and strategically vital marketplaces for embedded systems in the world.

Thanks to the efforts of Jack Plimpton and Ken Sumitani, we now have the resources to make Japan a focus of our international development effort.” - Peter Richards, Vice President Sales