The Japan Recruit Advantage for Executive Search

Japan Recruit saves clients time and avoids false steps by efficiently identifying, screening, and closing top-tier sales and technical candidates. Japan Recruit builds on Ken Sumitani’s 20 years of experience as the Vice President in charge of the 70-person Executive Search Division, Recruit Human Resources Center. Japan Recruit has an extensive rolodex of potential candidates at leading hardware, software, systems integrators, and solution companies. These individuals are extremely responsive thanks to Japan Recruit’s reputation for introducing quality opportunitiies and through our pinpoint targeting. We also leverage a “braintrust” of industry executives from our executive search database to refine the client’s search strategy and gather market intelligence on competitors.

Japan Recruit assists clients throughout the search process, in order to ensure that only the ideal candidate is selected.

Executive Recruitment Phase I
  • generate job description and compensation guidelines based on a firm understanding of the company and its goals in this market
  • identify initial candidate pool
  • qualify candidates and select leading candidates through teleconferences and face-to-face meetings
  • determine Frequently Asked Questions, brief candidates on the business challenges, and solicit 90-day plans or business plans, as requested by clients for effectively gauging candidates’ strategic thinking, communications skills, human chemistry, and industry knowledge
Executive Recruitment Phase II
  • set up interviews between selected candidates and client
  • provide candidate ranking/weighting based on a variety of factors
  • select the top 1-2 candidates for consideration
  • determine reference check priorities
  • determine compensation requirements and flexibility
Executive Recruitment Phase III
  • advise on benefits and generate employment offer
  • negotiate terms and conditions of employment

Japan Recruit eliminates clients’ recruitment risks and minimizes recruitment expenses by compressing the cycle into 1-3 months. Thanks to our bicultural business acumen and years of experience in the IT business, we avoid the common pitfalls of selecting the wrong candidate. Our high energy bilingual search team flawlessly manages the candidates to closure. With the support of our U.S. team we literally work 24/7 so that “the sun never sets” on your Japanese executive recruitment activities.